You have my undying gratitude for your years of work with my daughter. She will carry very positive memories of her years with New Moon Productions.

Sheyla H., parent

Michael Wehrli is such a wonderful man. His heart is so invested in his work, and he has given so much of his life giving children amazing, wonderful, and deeply creative experiences.

Sara Kennedy Adams, theatre instructor, actress

One of the main things we’ve always loved about New Moon is your willingness to give all the students their chance to shine and keep them wanting more.

Patrick S., parent

My son learned a tremendous amount from Michael in a short period of time, and he is very grateful for this experience. I appreciate how positive, kind and instructive you are in dealing with my son.

Karen R., parent

I loved working with Michael and New Moon Productions. He was extremely hard-working and dedicated to our project. He did a wonderful job letting the kids participate in the whole creative process. He went above and beyond in so many ways, for our production. He was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Suzanne Hansen, parent

New Moon is excellent with teaching kids performance skills and building up their creativity, confidence, and communication.

Hannah Ballou, theatre instructor, performer

Thanks again for your work with our daughter in the casts & plays she’s been part of over the years. She loved it!

Christopher L., parent

I was 8 when I had my first experience with New Moon and their enthusiasm, creativity, and kindness kept me coming back!

Gillian D., student

My daughter so thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the show that that’s all she talked about for about an hour after every rehearsal.

Jane G., parent

It was my daughter’s experience with New Moon Productions that really got her truly loving theatre and it is her passion. So thank you for sparking and nurturing that love in her without even really knowing you were doing it….the mark of a gifted and true teacher!

Bridget H., parent