New Moon’s Drama Literacy Program is a masterful combination of literacy enrichment, positive youth development, leadership development, and theatre training.

Kate M., parent, former educator

New Moon’s Drama Literacy Program at Grout Elementary is an excellent example of using theatre to enrich and strengthen literacy education. Audience responses communicate better than test results to our students that “you can be a reader.”

Jonathon Fischer, 4/5th grade teacher

We here at Grout Elementary are incredibly lucky to have Michael and New Moon Productions! They worked with all the grade levels effortlessly and graciously, making the students shine their personal brightest.

Marika Bilter, 4/5th grade teacher

It has been my privilege to work with Michael Wehrli and New Moon Productions for nine years now at Daniel A. Grout Elementary School. This has been a wonderful addition to our literacy and arts program and one enthusiastically supported by our entire staff and community.

Susan McElroy, school principal

“Share Your Story” allowed me to experience collaboratively writing a play. New Moon’s leadership and direction gave me confidence to excel in my new found passion: writing and music composition!

Gillian D., student

Michael Wehrli is a very passionate and accomplished individual. He has given many children the opportunity to express themselves and to shine in a light they might not be able to otherwise. Students are given the chance to be unique and to show their friends and families a skill set new to them.

Ellen B., theatre instructor, actress

I am so impressed with Michael Wehrli and with New Moon Productions. You are able to inspire all of us! You are one of my heroes. “Share Your Story” is truly a magical and life-affirming program.

Kristina Jones, professional singer, music instructor

As a parent, watching Michael take each students stories & memories of their time at Bolton, help them write it to create a story line that captivated the audience and then direct them out of their shells into a musical talent show that showed off each child’s individual talent, all wrapped up in one show was extraordinary.

Wendy Frankle, MA, LPC, parent, former educator

Michael’s ability to balance nurturing, fostering and fun with structure, focus and constructive feedback truly allowed for these kids to end their Elementary years with pride.

Wendy Frankle, MA, LPC, parent, former educator

I am so proud of how dedicated you are and how much your programs have meant to thousands of young performers.

Yani Berkshire, professional actress, theatre instructor